A new me.

So – I haven’t really talked about it much. Nor have I announced anything publicly. But … big changes have happened in Melissa land. You may have noticed that my work has taken a slightly different direction over the last year – or maybe noticed that in the rebranding process I’ve removed my last name from my site.

One of my big changes was getting a divorce after 8 years of marriage. I was married at only 18, so the transition to single adulthood was rocky, but I’ve landed safely on the other side.:)

My photography work has been deeper and more meaningful to me over the last year – both through travel work, personal work, and in connecting with my clients. It’s incredible how an art and passion has seen me through the most difficult days I’ve had, and I am so thankful for that.

But, enough about that! This is about the new and positive changes in my life!  This is about what it means for you, my viewer and my client!

I will be likely displaying more personal work. Because I want to remember what photography has been for me – and I want to share my thoughts with you. I am not great at words, but I can speak through my photos, so I want to continue sharing my thoughts through my images.

It also means that I am still in business, but that I may be only taking on work that really connects with myself and my vision. I want to pour my heart into my work and produce amazing images for the clients that are touched by my images. If you are moved by my work, I am your photographer! If you’re just looking for the cheapest deal, I would not be your best fit.

Sooo in the spirit of new and happy and celebrating this time in my life, I was thrilled to have photographs taken by the wonderful Vanie Poyey. She is adding beauty sessions to her lineup, and I was pampered by her fabulous hair & makeup artist Tara Shakespeare, then treated like a hot model. And let me tell you – modeling is HARD WORK! But the photos she captured make me feel incredible. And I am so thankful for seeing my smile – a true, genuine smile. It reminds me there is a lot to be thankful for.

Chris - Melissa, you are seriously gorgeous!

Ashley Timm - Melissa, these pictures are amazing!

staci - These pictures are gorgeous as are you! Look forward to seeing what comes next for you as you follow your passion!

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