I’m Melissa. Some know me as Melissa Palomo. But these days I’m just Melissa, the girl with the pink hair. I’ve been in business over 5 years now – Melissa’s Perspective was announced in 2013, but I’ve been around as Melissa Palomo Photography since 2008.

I am the girl that always has dog hair on her clothes, no matter how many sheets from the lint roller I use. I justify the pink in my hair because it matches my logo – it’s just “branding”. I have a ridiculous addiction to Starbucks. I have Celiac disease – and I blog about my experience with hating gluten. I have mad love for the dogs that no one else wants – the sick ones, the old ones, the smelly ones. I have a collection of high heels that could rival anyone, but you’ll usually find me in flip flops.

I have a passion for photography, and for capturing beauty and relationships through my lens. <3



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