• Do people actually hire you to take photos of their dogs?

No, I just stole these images off the internet.;)(<– That was a joke, by the way – all images on this site were taken by me unless clearly stated otherwise). Yes – they do! And I love it.

  • How much does it cost to hire you?

Session fees start at $200 in So Cal. You can view more info on my pricing page.

  • Why should I hire you?

You should hire me first and foremost if you like my images! But aside from that, I’ve been photographing dogs over 5 years. There are special qualities a good pet photographer can offer when shooting your pets that a non-pet photographer may not have. Images that capture your pet’s special qualities that you’ll love, and keeping your pet safe during our shoot, are my main priorities!

  • How many pets can I have in my shoot?

A session fee includes up to 2 people + 2 pets. Want more? Just email me and ask.:)No number scares me, but if you have more than 4 subjects there’s an additional fee.

  • Will you come to my home?

Absolutely! I love photographing anywhere you and your pet are comfortable. Getting your pet in in their natural environment is fun – but both on location and in home shoots are options you can choose from.:)

  • How many photos will I get to see?

I guarantee a minimum of 20-25 images in your gallery. I take as many as I need during the shoot to get that number, but you won’t get to see all of them.

  • Why won’t I get to see all of the photos?

Not all photos are meant to be seen! If you’re blinking or your dog ran so fast the photo is blurry, I won’t show you those. I only show you the best images from our shoot – so don’t worry, I’m not hiding my favorites from you.:)

  • Do you sell digital negatives of the images?

I do! Digital file packages start at $500.

  • Ok, well I don’t need the CD after all. I’ll just scan in my prints.

Scanning is not permitted by Melissa – nor by the government’s copyright law.:)Sorry! If you want images on your computer or to reprint – you’ll need to purchase them.


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